AW: [rda-datamanagplans] A short note on DMPs

17 Aug 2015

Dear Herman,
thanks for this information and suggested approach.
We are currently running a pilot in the area of DMP for European Commission funded projects.
We think that these issues are highly demanding for the following reasons:
DMP needs to be regarded on a variety of dimensions as it has a formal dimension, an organisational and managerial
dimension as well as an opartional dimension. All of them are very dynamic in nature, highly domain specific
depending on area of research and funding frameworks as well as available infrasdtructures.
For this reason the suggested approach is in line with our interest and we would be interested to contribute
regarding the need for activeness as well as adaptivity of DMPs. This holds especially true, because some
of the variables of the planning process can only be bound during the operation of the project, that is why it
needs to be active and dynamic as well as adaptable on the different levels of planning that need to be supported.
We are looking forward the coordination of a workshop date and location. Unfortunately it looks as we may not be
able to be present in the working groups meeting in Paris. Therefore, I would be grateful, if coordination of time and date would allow
for remote participation.
Best regards
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias L. Hemmje
FernUniversität in Hagen – Fakultät für Mathematik und Informatik – Lehrgebiet Multimedia und Internetanwendungen
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Betreff: [rda-datamanagplans] A short note on DMPs
Dear active-DMP group,
Based on our recent activities with the European Infrastructures and several conversations we have created a very short (and rather pointed) note to kickstart some discussion on DMPs in general.
One of the four points in this note is on the need for DMPs to be more active/adaptable.
The plan is to turn this into an lively workshop around Q4/Q1 for the European discussion.
I appreciate all comments, especially comments on the active/adaptable point.
I do want to keep the note very short and to the point, so not long stories please.
Once organising the workshop there will be a lot of room to expand on these (especially since we have many very positive examples that this note passes by, including (but not limited to) Oxford, DCC, Wageningen, Elixir, CLARIN, etc.).
In any case, I look forward to your comments.
Dr. ir. Herman Stehouwer
Max Planck Computing and Data Facility (MPCDF) RDA Secretariat
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