Agreeing common themes for DMPs

14 Oct 2016

Hi all

I wanted to flag some news from DMPonline and the DMPTool that will be of interest to this group. We've been revising the set of DMP themes used in the tool and invite your comments and feedback.

The themes represent the most common topics addressed in Data Management Plans (DMPs) and work like tags to associate questions and guidance in the tool. Moving forward, we see potential for broader application of the themes and plan to use them to support our objectives around machine-actionable DMPs. The themes provide the beginnings of a common vocabulary and structure for DMPs and could help to identify sections of text to mine, e.g., to identify a repository named in a DMP and the volume of data in the pipeline.

You can see the existing and proposed new set of themes, as well as further background context in our blog post: 

Please let us know what you think

All best