Active DMPs at the next RDA plenary

13 Dec 2017

***Please excuse the cross-posting***
Hello Active DMP Enthusiasts,
We're writing to notify you of planned activities for the next RDA plenary in Berlin (21-23 Mar). The DMP Common Standards working group is submitting a proposal for a working meeting that we encourage all interested parties to attend. The Exposing DMPs working group is also likely to submit a proposal. We will not host a session for the interest group as we're keen to direct community energy into contributing to the goals of the working groups.
Please review the case statements and subscribe to the email lists to get involved in one or both groups. We look forward to moving things forward in the intervening months and all together in Berlin!
-Stephanie & Sarah

Stephanie Simms, PhD
Research Data Specialist | DMPTool Product Manager
California Digital Library
University of California
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