7th WG/IG Collaboration Meeting Notes and Slides

Here is the agenda from the recently concluded WG/IG Collaboration Meeting in Gothenburg with links to the presentations when available. Also linked from here are the lightly edited 'stream of discussion' notes from Lynn Yarmey.


7th RDA WG/IG Chairs Collaboration Meeting

12-14 June, 2017, Göteborg, Sweden

Final Agenda

12 June

13.00     Welcome & Intros, Agenda Bashing

13.30     From Göteborg to Göteborg: Where have we gotten in 4 years and what is missing?

  • Intro: some stats about RDA (WGs, IGs, members, organisation, etc.)
  • Council Subcommittees
  • Chair comments: every chair making a prepared statement
  • Related work (FAIR, FORCE11, EOSC, NIH Commons, etc.)
  • Discussion

15.00     Coffee

18.00     End

19.00     Self-pay dinner

13 June

10.00     RDA Message – What do we offer? Short invited statements, e.g., from DFIG, Publishing, etc.

11.00     Coffee

11.30     TAB Session

  • Intro and comment on previous issues
  • Discussion

13:00     Lunch

14:00     Atlas of Knowledge & Mapping the Landscape

  • Demo
  • Integration with web-site
  • Discussion

15:00     Recommendations

  • What is actionable/adoptable, how do they fit together? What is missing?

16.00     Coffee

16.30     Conclusions, Part  1

  • Does RDA have a core? Does it have many cores?
  • What is needed?

17.00     End

19.00     Arranged Dinner


14 June

9.00   Conclusions, Part 2

10.30     Coffee

11.00     W3C / RDA Collaboration and Afternoon Meeting - Keith Jeffery

11.30     Wrap up, next meeting

12.00     End