AW: [7th_wgig_chairs_mtg] Side Meeting Change

09 Jun 2017

Thanks Larry!!
Christoph Bruch
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Gesendet: Freitag, 9. Juni 2017 14:12
An: Christoph Bruch
Cc: Keith Jeffery; philarcher; Andrew Treloar; 7th WG/IG Collaboration Meeting, Gothenburg University., June 12 - 14, 2017; Philippe Rohou
Betreff: Re: [7th_wgig_chairs_mtg] Side Meeting Change
The latest draft agenda is on the meeting site
We start at 13:00 on the 12th, end at 18:00 followed by a self-pay dinner.
We start at 09:00 on the 13th, end at 17:00 and are invited (registration was required) to a very nice dinner at 19:00
On the 14th, we start at 09:00, end with lunch at 12:30, and the side meeting scheduled for one hour follows lunch.
The side meeting schedule was up in the air until yesterday and so did not make it onto the agenda.