WG/IG Collaboration Mtg Logistics

27 Nov 2015


A few logistics items for our upcoming meeting:

1, NIST Conference services will be sending out a notice 3 days before the meeting via email which includes instructions on directions, parking passes, etc. This will go to all registrants. Rebecca reminded me that even if you are walking from the Hilton you need to print out and carry your parking pass, as you will need it to get in even if you don't have a car.

2. The meeting will be in Building 101, as it was last year, and the NIST Conference folks will set up a station at 12:30 PM on the first day to hand out meeting packages (badges, wireless connection info, meeting agenda, etc.).

3. NIST has requested a shuttle run from the Hilton at (a) Dec. 8, 12:15PM and (b) Dec. 9, 8:15PM. We can request a shuttle back if we want or just rely on those with cars to self-organize. Many people walked last year, but I assume much will depend on the weather.

4. We would like to arrange a self-pay dinner on the 8th. Last year we picked an Italian restaurant (A'more?) that people seemed to like but which required taxis, etc to get to. It has been suggested that this year we dial back and just gather at the the Dogfish Head Alehouse, which is across the street from NIST. I am told that it is a little noisy but otherwise not a bad place. Any views? Especially from any that have been there?

Please let me know of any questions or problems.