Re: [4th-collaboration-meeting] Hilton -> NIST

07 Dec 2015

Will also have a car and can carry 4
Kind regards,
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Good Morning!
We will have a car available and Francoise and I will go by car from the Hilton to NIST
(and back). I think we can take three more passengers.
Since the meeting starts at 13:00 we will meet at 12:20 in the lobby.
I am looking forward to meeting you in Gaithersburg
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Subject: [4th-collaboration-meeting] Hilton -> NIST
For those of you staying at the Hilton - last year a number of folks with rental cars coordinated to give rides to those who were not inclined to take the longish walk. Will those who will be driving and be willing to ferry folks to NIST please raise their hands? And those who will need a ride? I there are enough of the later we can also ask the hotel to provide a shuttle but it will be more flexible, especially on the way back, to try the dynamic allocation approach. I think Rainer will be at the Hilton and can help coordinate if needed. And locals who are not staying at the Hilton, such as myself, can also provide transport as needed.
Those of you who walked last year can serve as native guides to the walkers. I think we had directions last year from John Henry - I will try to repost those.
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