Second message re. Nov 2014 WG Coordination Meeting at NIST

07 Sep 2014

This message was sent Nov 3, 2014 to the WG Chairs and TAB lists and is recorded here to have the complete set.


Dear WG Chairs,

We now have a focus and a notional agenda for the Working Group Collaboration Meeting to be held in the U.S. Nov 13-14 at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Gaithersburg, MD, which is just north of Washington, DC.

This is a continuation of a meeting series that was started in Garching last February. The objective is to have a detailed update from and focused discussion among WGs, something which has proved elusive at the packed Plenary meetings, and to generate discussion on how the WGs can work together to improve overall RDA outputs. The next of these meetings will be coordinated by Rainer Stotzka and held at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology next June 11-12.

The focus of the November meeting will be metadata. We will have a detailed update from the RDA metadata leaders and each participating WG will be invited to update the others on their current status and prospects as well as relate their work to RDA metadata efforts. The meeting will start at 13:00 on day one and end at 15:00 on day 2.

We realize that not all WGs will be able to attend, especially as this is somewhat late notice. Starting with the meeting in June we will be able to give greater notice.

RDA/US, thanks to a grant from NIST, will be able to support some travel expenses for U.S. participants, both to the U.S. and the European based meetings, as needed. If there is more demand for funding than there is funding, the requests will be triaged starting with one funded co-chair per WG and then by age of the WGs, e.g., those closest to completion will be favored. The meeting, however, can certainly accommodate more participants than can be funded, so we hope you can attend independent of funding. A very limited amount of funding from RDA/Europe is available for European participation.

For now, please send RSVPs, and funding requests, directly to me. A note on detailed logistics (hotels, how to get to and into NIST, etc) will follow this note.

Thanks and hope to see you at NIST in November.