2nd WG Collaboration Meeting Logistics

06 Oct 2014

Attached is the current complete information package, compliments of our host Wo Chang, covering the logistics for the Nov 12-13 RDA WG Collaboration Meeting held at NIST in Gaithersburg, MD.
The most important piece of information in this Word file is the link to the Registration for this specific meeting. As explained in the document, everyone, U.S. citizens and non-U.S. citizens alike, must fill this in and submit it well ahead of time in order to be allowed onto the NIST campus. Its a simple form. Please submit this now or as soon as you know you are attending. We will try to keep track of who has registered and who has not, but if you don’t register at least a few weeks ahead of the meeting there will be nothing we can do to get you onto the campus the day of the meeting, no matter how far you have traveled to get there. Also please note the requirements for personal identification required for getting past the front gate. U.S. driver’s licenses from certain states are not accepted as valid ids — passports always are.
Its shaping up to be an interesting and focused meeting, following up on some successful Plenary 4 sessions, and I encourage you to attend if you can. Any added information will be sent to this mailing list as needed and as available. Specific questions, including travel funding requests, can be sent directly to me.
ps - did I mention that you should fill in the Registration form?

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