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Coordination Group
RDA Europe Task Force on Sustainability rev-002
Co-Chair(s): Fotis Karagiannis
Draft Terms of Reference Fotis Karayannis, v1.5 – 31.03.2017 Background During the first RDA-Europe 3.0 informal review, the reviewers came up with a set of recommendations, the first of which was about the RDA Europe perspective on RDA sustainability. The formulation of the recommendation was that “RDA Europe 3 should develop short-term (2 to 5…
May 13, 2024
Coordination Group
RDA Europe Task Force on Sustainability
Co-Chair(s): Fotis Karagiannis
RDA Europe Task Force on Sustainability This is the PRIVATE working space for the RDA Europe Task Force on Sustainability. Terms of Reference (Charter) The main objectives of the Task Force are: to contribute to RDA Global sustainability from the RDA Europe perspective, containing provisions for governance, funding and fiscal policies. to determine the place…
March 27, 2024