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Interest Group
FAIR Principles for Research Hardware rev-002
Co-Chair(s): Nadica Miljković, Julien Colomb
   Introduction: Research hardware represents a physical artifact and may incorporate mechanical, electrical, and even software components. For example, laboratory equipment which is the result of scientific research represents research hardware. It is an inherent part of research, together with research data and research software. However, while the latter have been recognized as research outputs by funders…
May 13, 2024
Interest Group
FAIR Principles for Research Hardware
Co-Chair(s): Nadica Miljković, Julien Colomb
How to get involved with this interest Group? Join the RDA group and be part of the mailing list to get updates   The design and production of research hardware i.e., physical artefacts, including mechanical, electrical and software components, have always been an integral part of scientific research. Research hardware can refer to application-oriented development prototypes, as well as…
March 27, 2024