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Other Output
The Open Handbook of Linguistic Data Management
Review Status: Not Endorsed
Authors: Helene N. Andreassen
A guide to principles and methods for the management, archiving, sharing, and citing of linguistic research data, especially digital data. Published by MIT Press Open, 2022. “Doing language science” depends on collecting, transcribing, annotating, analyzing, storing, and sharing linguistic research data. This volume offers a guide to linguistic data management, engaging with current trends toward…
February 15, 2022
Working Group Supporting Output
Tromsø recommendations for citation of research data in linguistics
Review Status: Endorsed
Authors: Stefanie Kethers
Linguistics Data IG Supporting Output Title: Tromsø recommendations for citation of research data in linguistics Impact: Provides guidance for citing linguistic data in publications to researchers, academic publishers and resource providers. Authors: Helene N. Andreassen, Andrea L. Berez-Kroeker, Lauren Collister, Philipp Conzett, Christopher Cox, Koenraad De Smedt, Bradley McDonnell, and the Research Data Alliance Linguistic Data Interest…
December 3, 2019
Other Output
Austin Principles of Data Citation in Linguistics
Review Status: Not Endorsed
Authors: Lauren Gawne
Data is central to empirical linguistic research. Linguistic data comes in many different forms, and is collected and processed with a wide range of methods. Data citation recognizes the centrality of data to research. Furthermore, it facilitates verification of claims and repurposing of data for other studies. The FORCE11 Joint Declaration of Data Citation Principles*…
December 12, 2017