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Working Group Supporting Output
Federated Identity Management for Research Collaborations
Review Status: Endorsed
Authors: Carlo Maria Zwölf
Federated Identity Management Group co-chairs: Carlo Maria Zwölf, Hannah Short Supporting Output title:  Federated Identity Management for Research Collaborations Authors: Christopher John Atherton; Thomas Barton; Jim Basney; Daan Broeder; Alessandro Costa; Mirjam van Daalen; Stephanie Dyke; Willem Elbers; Carl-Fredrik Enell; Enrico Maria Vincenzo Fasanelli; João Fernandes; Licia Florio; Peter Gietz; David L. Groep; Matthias Bernhard Junker; Christos Kanellopoulos;  David Kelsey; Philip Kershaw;  Cristina Knapic; Thorsten Kollegger; Scott Koranda; Mikael Linden; Filip Marinic; Ludek Matyska; Tommi Henrik Nyrönen; Stefan Paetow; Laura A D…
November 5, 2018