Global Open Research Commons International Benchmarking BoF

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31 Jul 2020

Global Open Research Commons International Benchmarking BoF

Submitted by Karen Payne

Meeting objectives: 

As part of the GORC IG we are proposing an inaugural meeting of a Benchmarking BoF. The purpose of the group is to gauge the interest in creating a working group to evaluate and recommend a minimal set of international benchmarks for global commons that allow researchers and developers to coordinate services and create roadmaps for international interoperability. The expected outcome from the session is a decision by the participants to either create a WG, or to retire the idea.  We are happy to run this session twice, once for European and one for Asia-Pacific time zones, and in both cases this BoF should run adjacent to the GORC IG session.


Meeting agenda: 


Collaborative Notes Link:

  1. Introduce the concept and motivation for creating a global commons benchmarking WG

  2. Introduce and review a draft case statement (in development) for a global commons benchmarking WG. The case statement will include:

    1. The anticipated scope of work, including guidance documents that provide that:

      1. Definition and purpose of benchmarking, including its relationship to a Global Commons Typology and Global Commons Roadmap

      2. Purposes of benchmarking

      3. Recommend a suite of metrics or milestones that can be objectively measured or observed that indicate benchmarks have been met.

  3. Create an outreach list: individuals, organizations and contacts we will contact to gauge interest in the benchmarking BoF/WG 

  4. Time permitting, begin drafting a definition of “benchmarks” in the global commons contex

  5. Time permitting, seek feedback from attendees currently engaged in research commons on benchmarks they use

Type of Meeting: 
Informative meeting
Short introduction describing any previous activities: 

This BoF is an outgrowth of the Global Open Research Commons (GORC) IG and was proposed during online meetings of the GORC IG held after the RDA 15 virtual sessions. It was created to create intermediate products that will both contribute to and align with its outputs, specifically the proposed benchmarks will be a key component of a roadmap for global alignment between Global Open Science Commons and will also be aligned with the global commons typology.  The GORC IG was born out of  three BoF sessions have been run at previous events:

  1. At the 11th RDA plenary in Berlin in March 2018 there was a BoF entitled Towards a Global Open Science Commons. This included presentations on the African Open Science Platform, the Australian Research Data Commons, the European Open Science Cloud, the NIH data commons and Canadian activities. 

  2. At International Data Week in Gaborone in November 2018, a SciDataCon session was held on Delivering a Global Open Science Commons. Again a number of presentations were given to profile existing work, after which the group discussion pointed to a number of next steps. 

At the 13th Plenary in Philadelphia in April 2019 there was a BoF entitled Coordinating Global Open Science Commons initiatives. This session focused on group work to advance a typology and identification of areas in which it makes sense to collaborate and coordinate work.

BoF chair serving as contact person: 
Meeting presenters: 
Karen Payne, Mark Leggott
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