Getting Active in RDA - An Overview

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07 June 2017 1170 reads


webinar, related to RDA in general


21 April 2016 14:00 CEST


Jun Bicarregui, Leif Laaksonen, Rainer Stotzka, Peter Wittenburg


For many who are not so deeply involved RDA is a jungle of activities, partly related with each other, making it difficult to understand what’s going on and how one could get involved and effectively contribute. Two experts involved more at policy level and two data practitioners involved in working and interest groups and the Technical Advisory Board will present their views about the questions how one can best get involved in RDA work and what the benefits of involvement are. They will use the web-site where applicable to indicate to participants how one can find useful information and they will also try to translate jargon into “normal” language. In the session the 4 experts will present their views which may differ slightly, discuss amongst themselves about views and ask the audience to raise points. In so far this session is more of a panel discussion than a training course.

Target Audience:

All data professionals who are confronted with barriers and inefficiencies of all kinds of sorts in their daily work may want to understand whether RDA is a useful platform to tackle the problems.