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22 March 2016 21193 reads

JOIN AS ORGANISATIONAL MEMBER NOW - FILL IN ONE OF THE ON-LINE FORMS BELOW [either Organisational Membership Application form (default) or the Subscription one (for Libraries or other organisations for which is easier to pay subscriptions). Note that the new on-line forms include both the previous application form and the membership agreement in a single step].

Note that in order to use the forms below you need to login with an RDA individual account from your organisation. In case you don't have an RDA account, please first register here. You can get more information from the RDA secretariat and the OAB co-Chairs (Michelle Barker and Shelley Stall) via e-mail at enquiries \at/ rd-alliance.org .

On-line Membership Application form (NEW)

On-line Subscription Application form (NEW)

RDA has registered as a not-for-profit corporation (charity) in the UK (RDA Foundation). By filling in the membership application your organisation will be contacted by the RDA Secretariat on further procedures including being invoiced by the RDA Foundation and being included in the list of Organisational Members .

Membership Costs

Size of Organisation Category Annual Amount
< than 50 employees USD 1000 per annum
>= 50 and <250 employees USD 2000 per annum
>250 employees USD 10,000 per annum


The invoicing period matches the calendar year. If members join later than the first quarter of the calendar year, the invoice will be based on the pro-rated amount for the quarter in which they sign the organisational membership agreement (i.e. submit the on-line application form). The annual fee will be invoiced, as per all organisational members, in January of the following calendar year.

Membership Categories Category Annual Amount Pro-rated Q2 Pro-rated Q3 Pro-rated Q4
< than 50 employees USD 1000 per annum USD 750 USD 500 USD 250
>= 50 and <250 employees USD 2000 per annum USD 1500 USD 1000 USD 500
>250 employees USD 10,000 per annum USD 7500 USD 5000 USD 2500


Initially, invoices were issued only in USD and payments requests were directed to the USD bank account or the USD PayPal account. From 2019, all organisational members can specify in which currency the invoice should be issued from the list appearing below. Ideally organisations will pay according to the following matrix (to avoid excessive exchange rate and bank commission fees):

Membership Location Invoice Currency Bank Account for payment VAT
United Kingdom GBP Natwest GBP Yes
(unless expressly stated VAT exempt)
Europe EUR Natwest EUR No
US, Canada and rest of the world USD Natwest USD/Paypal USD No


Membership Fees in different currencies (from 1 Jan 2019):

Membership fee invoices to be issued in GBP or EUR will be calculated according to the X-Rates Exchange Rate[1] on the day of receipt of membership application and rounded up to the closest decimal. Pro-rated invoices will be calculated based on the reference exchange rate of the 1st day of the corresponding Quarter.

See the list of the current Organisational and Affiliate Members

Please consult the RDA Membership Agreement  or/and RDA Subscription Agreement for more information. 

For more information you can check out the OA-OAB page (public) or directly the process document  or contact enquiries[at]rd-alliance.org