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16 September 2021 1249 reads



Over the next two and a half years, the EOSC Future project will develop a single-sign-on environment with professional data services, open research products and infrastructure. It looks to create a so-called ‘system of systems’ that will support European researchers in managing the entirely lifecycle of data: from sharing, managing and exploiting their own data to discovering, re-using and recombining the data sets of others. The project will engage, train and support (potential) EOSC users and will encourage providers to sign up by offering easy onboarding, ticket management and analytics.

To enable the co-creation of EOSC, via early adoption, technical and domain solution development and interoperability, RDA will be running a rich set of regular open calls. The Research Data Alliance (RDA) Open Calls mechanism is backed by a €1 000 000 grant earmarked for engaging with multiple stakeholders, including targeted scientific communities, technical experts and early career researchers. The calls will be complemented by a broad range of support activities, such as events, use cases, info packages, best practices, a Scientific Ambassador Network and dedicated RDA groups. These activities will enable a continual innovation workflow and engagement with science projects to support the implementation of an EOSC environment.  

Open Calls Closing Soon:

  1. RDA Open Call for Domain Ambassadors #1

    Opening date: 11 Nov 21 - 12:00 am CET
    Closing date: 15 Feb 22 - 04:00 pm CET

    For Individuals and Organisations

    €7.500 per approved application


  2. RDA Open Call for Maintenance Facilities

    Opening date: 11 Nov 21 - 12:00 am CET
    Closing date: 15 Mar 22 - 04:00 pm CET

    For Organisations

    €40.000 per approved application

Additional Open Calls:

To view upcoming calls, with dates still to be announced, visit https://eoscfuture-grants.eu/provider/research-data-alliance.