Geospatial Sciences Professionals for Botswana - RDA 12th Plenary Meeting

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02 July 2018 1551 reads

BoF meeting title

Geospatial Sciences Professionals for Botswana (Remote Access Instructions)

Meeting room: Okavango 1 

Collaborative session notes:

Short introduction describing the scope of the group and if any previous activities

Geospatial Science Profession is the pillar stone for the country. It encompasses work within the geosciences, geology, geomorphology, geography, infrastructural engineering, geomatic, environmental sciences as core subjects. It uses tools like remote sensing, geographical information systems (GIS), Georeferencing like the continuously operating reference Station (CORS) and global positioning system (GPS), land surveying, cartography, and database management systems. These groups have been working in silos instead of together. But with the modern information communication technology Era of this 21st Century, which calls for data exchange and collaboration efforts these need to link. For data exchange national spatial database infrastructure need to be created. To create the quality assurance, standards, metadata for the development of the profession need to be put in place. Also, for continuity and the future of the profession educational gaps need to be rooted out and strategic plans for capacity building and job creation need to be put in place. These could not be possible without a strong solid linkage of all concerned. The group need to engage in community outreach to sensitize all their stakeholders about their work. Of late the Botswana Institute of Geomatic was created as an attempt to link all concerned. But, unfortunately some groups were left out as it was not clear whether they belong here or could be a standalone as the group was mainly skewed towards geomatics only. This Group Session will be a follow up attempt to include all concerned. The concerned groups are the Botswana Government: Ministry of Tertiary Education, Research Science and Technology (MoTE) through the University of Botswana(UB); Ministry of Lands, Water and Sanitation (MLWS) through – the Department of Surveys and Mapping (DSM); Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources Conservation and Tourism (MENRCT) through - the Department of Meteorological Services (DMS), and the Ministry of Mineral Resources, Green Technology and Energy Security (MMGE) - through the Botswana Geoscience Institute (BGI). The community involvement will be through an outreach to all Botswana High Schools in Gaborone and Surrounding Areas and the University of Botswana Geoscience Students.

Additional links to informative material related to the group

Meeting objectives

1) Consolidation of Botswana Geospatial Science Group
2) Collaborative Research and Data Sharing
3) Setting out Metadata, Data Standards and Specification
4) Setting out Qualification Standards and Capacity Building. Agenda for the Botswana Professionals and Technicians
5) Follow – up National Spatial Database Infrastructure (NSDI) - White Paper to Parliament for Laws and Policies on Shared Data
6) Formulate Digital Data Intellectual Property and Copyrights Laws
7) Communication with Stakeholders - Professionals, Government, Private and Communities and Outreach Agenda
8) Source International, Regional and Local Links

Meeting agenda

1) Opening Speech: Deputy Permanent Secretary MOTE – Mr. Baipoledi
2) Keynote Address Director University of Botswana Office of Research and Development (ORD) - Prof M. Modisi
3) Professional Association Increase of Scope and Work Agenda: Botswana Institute of Geomatic (BIG) President – Mr Jakoba Kgopolelo
4) Botswana Geoscience Institute Mandate (BGI): BGI Director of Information Delivery - Mrs Lesego Peters
5) Department of Surveys and Mapping (DSM) Precise Georeferencing, Geodatabases and Digital, Dynamic, Seamless Topographical Base Maps – The Director of DSM Mr Tshiamiso
6) Department of Meteorological Services (DMS) Temperatures and Rainfall Geodata Repositories for Climate Change Analysis and Modelling – Deputy Director (DMS) Mr Radithupa Radithupha
7) University of Botswana Capacity Building on Geospatial Sciences and its Development Agenda – Department of Environmental Sciences Dr Joyce Gosata Maphanyane
8) University of Botswana Okavango Research Institute Research and its Collaborations (ORI) – Dr Kelebogile Botseo Mfundisi
9) University of Botswana SASSCAL Research Work and Collaborations in Botswana – Department of Environmental Sciences Dr Bothepha Mosetlhi
10) Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI Service Providers Collaborative Efforts and Training – Mr Kent Burger
11) SADC Libraries Data Repositories, Links and Protocols - University of Botswana Library Director Mr. E.N. Qobose
12) Closing Remarks the University of Botswana – Department of Environmental Sciences Prof Isaac Mazonde


Geospatial Sciences professional from Government, Parasails, Academic, Private and non-governmental Organizations, University and High School Students

Group chair serving as contact person: Joyce Gosata Maphanyane

Type of meeting: Working meeting

Remote Access Instructions:

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