The future of "trustworthiness" and reliability of repositories and services: Trust, FAIR, CARE

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25 Aug 2021

The future of "trustworthiness" and reliability of repositories and services: Trust, FAIR, CARE

Submitted by Bonnie C Carroll

Meeting objectives: 

The WDS was one of the developers of the CoreTrustSeal and it has been a prerequisite for WDS membership.  In our recent planning discussions under the leadership of Wim Hugo as a strategic consultant we have been discussing the future of principles of trust and trustworthiness in repositories.  Wim offer the following concept:

"The assessment of trustworthiness and reliability of repositories and services is also changing, as sets of principles whereby research is conducted and outputs are leveraged become established through community consensus. The last several years have seen the publication of three influential sets of principles that can be interpreted as high-level summaries of community expectations:

FAIR: Considerations applicable to the management and stewardship of individual research datasets. Is being generalised to include other research outputs (semantic artefacts, code, methods, publications, and, to some extent, physical infrastructure and instrumentation).

TRUST: Recently formulated, and applicable to data repositories, and again to varying degrees extensible to other research outputs.

CARE: These considerations apply, as a generalisation, to the ethical engagement of researchers with research subjects, whether they are communities, individuals, or part of the natural world (such as an environment). Its original focus is on indigenous communities but similar principles will be applicable in a wider context of research ethics. We use ‘CARE’ throughout this document as a placeholder for such considerations"

As WDS considers these principles, we would like to open our discussion to the wider data community.  The following are objectives of a BOF for Pleanary 18:

  1. Gain input from the data community on the idea of the future of trustworthiness taking into consideration the above principles.
  2. Determine if there is a group who would like to go forward in this discussion
  3. Determine if there are actions that might be taken

NOTE:  This BOF session is closely aligned with the November 4th IG session:TRUST Principles and challenges on implementation. The earlier session focuses on clafifying relationship among TRUST principles and other principle frameworks, propose TRUST Priciples Implmentation Working Group and dicuss a casee statement for TRUST Principles Implementation Working Group.

Wim Hugo will tie the two sessions together in his introductory remarks.

Meeting agenda: 

Collaborative session notes:


  • Welcome and introduction of WDS interest the expanded idea of trustworthiness for repositories (Carroll)
  • Presentation on background and ideas of the concept (Wim Hugo – invited)
  • Panel presentations on each set of Principals (lead thinkers on TRUST, FAIR, and CARE)
  • Open discussion on reactions to the presentations and thoughts on expanding the concept of trustworthiness of repositories.
Type of Meeting: 
Informative meeting
Short introduction describing any previous activities: 

WDS and RDA have many joint initiatives and members work together often.

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Meeting presenters: 
Wim Hugo, Erik Schulthes, Dawei Lin, Jonathan Crabtree,
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Data Lifecycles - Versioning, Provenance, and Reward