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We are in the process of rolling out a soft launch of the RDA website, which includes a new member platform. Existing RDA members PLEASE REACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT using this link: Visitors may encounter functionality issues with group pages, navigation, missing content, broken links, etc. As you explore the new site, please provide your feedback using the UserSnap tool on the bottom right corner of each page. Thank you for your understanding and support as we work through all issues as quickly as possible. Stay updated about upcoming features and functionalities:


Thanks, Claire. I’ve added this info to the wiki at:
I’ve also updated the “Useful Info” docs in each subgroup’s google folder.
It seems like we moved into using Zotero across all subgroups, but please let me know if you’d like me to add the google form submission info back into the document for any group. If not, we may want to go ahead and close the Google form now, so no further submissions can go through that mechanism (I don’t have access to do that myself).
From: on behalf of caustin via RDA COVID19 Coordination
Reply-To: “***@***.***
Date: Wednesday, April 15, 2020 at 10:08 PM
To: “***@***.***
Subject: [rdacovid19-coordination] Zotero Web group library: RDA-CVID19 WG
Hello all,
There is now a single Zotero web group library (“RDA-COVID19 WG”) for the use of all five subWG’s:
* All of the co-Chairs and co-Moderators should have received an invitation to join the group. All of the ‘active’ members of the EPI subWG also received an invitation (‘active’ means responded to the membership survey and an email address).
* The Zotero group library settings are: ‘Private’, ‘Any group member can edit’. It can be made public once the WG recommendations are released.
* There is an item in the library with author name “1TAGS” that is tagged with the names of all of the tags, including a tag for each of the subWG’s. The purpose of this items is so that tags can be created even if there is not yet any resource in the library with those tags.
* The library has unlimited web storage. It is possible to automatically download and attach article PDF’s.
* When a web page is automatically added as an item in the Zotero library, a snapshot of the page is also automatically downloaded and attached to the item.
* All 22 items (22) from the RDA resources google sheet were copied into the Zotero library, as well as all of the items from the previously existing EPIMIOLOGY subWG library. There is no easy way to get the items out of the google sheet into Zotero, so it was a semi-manual process.
* If you reply to me personally (not to the distribution list) with the email addresses of your ‘active’ subWG members, they will be added to the Zotero group. Please separate the email addresses (or Zotero usernames) with a comma.
* The suggestion would be that each subWG assign at least one person to help maintain the Zotero library (remove duplicates, monitor tags, etc).
I would be happy to schedule one or more Zotero tutorials for individuals or groups.