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RDA Admin

Excellent point Barend.
I would like to suggest possible ways to handle these threads.
First, I am hoping that members are willing to contribute to the collaborative document at [1] by proposing specific indicators and maturity levels for the FAIR principles. Furthermore, on specific points, like what is ‘persistence’ and what is ‘rich metadata’, such indicators could include whether or not data is identified with DOIs or other commonly used identifier schemes, and whether metadata is provided conformant to DataCite kernel or some other standard set – it would be good to point to common or best practice in order to make sure that we’re not re-inventing any wheels.
Second, for any further discussion, issues could be raised on the mailing list. In that case, I would suggest that an e-mail (a) is about one issue and (b) has a sensible subject line, so that it is easier to follow the thread. Maybe people could also cut off some of the long tail of messages in the replies.
It is also possible to raise issues on GitHub at [2]. GitHub makes it easier to follow individual discussions and see how discussions lead to consensus, but if people are more comfortable with e-mail that is OK too. The editorial team will keep an eye on both e-mail and GitHub and will try to summarise every now and again how the discussions are progressing.
Many thanks, Makx.
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Sent: 23 April 2019 11:48
To: Keith Jeffery ; FAIR Data Maturity Model WG
Subject: Re: [fair_maturity] Workshop #2 Report
I think al lot of that we discuss here is ‘how’ rather than ‘what’
So maybe we should start a separate thread because the discussion as such is very valuable.
I also address the UPRI /Handle issue a bit in
I believe a prefix registry is scalable, and with automatically generated (hash for instance) suffixes, we should be fine