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Kate LeMay

Hi all.
Related to Heidi’s code of conduct suggestion. In Australia, we have
an Australian
Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research
. A new version has
just been released. It is owned by Universities Australia, which represents
all of the Universities, and the two government funders of research, ARC
and NHMRC. The new Code is a short principles based document and they are
developing ‘better practice guides’ to go along with the Code, which are
co-authored with domain experts. Our organisation has been working with UA,
ARC and NHRMC to write a ‘data management better practice guide’. It will
hopefully be coming out for public consultation in the next few months.
Which, given bureaucracy, means that the final version probably won’t be
available until at least mid next year I would think.
The Code has a few bits about data management.
– An institutional responsibility to “Provide access to facilities for
the safe and secure storage and management of research data, records and
primary materials and, where possible and appropriate, allow access and
– A researcher responsibility to “Retain clear, accurate, secure and
complete records of all research including research data and primary
materials. Where possible and appropriate, allow access and reference to
these by interested parties.”
Anyway, just an FYI really about our national policies.
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