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Tomasz Miksa

Dear all,
There was a mistake in one of the attached invitations. Please find the correct one for the meeting “maDMPs 02/2020 #2” on the 18th of February.
It is not at 5AM CET, but at 5PM CET.
Sorry for the inconvenience!
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Sent: wtorek, 2 lutego 2021 11:32
To: DMP Common Standards WG
Subject: [dmp-common] Updates and next steps – join us for the funder mapping!
Dear group members!
To begin with, we would like thank for numerous participation in the calls we had in January (meeting minutes). With this e-mail, we would like to inform you on the next developments we plan together:
1. Mapping to funder templates
2. Next video meetings
3. RDA Plenary in Edinburgh
4. Community of Practice
5. Recommendation maintenance
Please find the details below and join us!
Best wishes,
Tomasz Miksa
Ad 1. Mapping to funder templates
In the calls, we have identified that the Science Europe and the Horizon Europe templates were the most popular choices to establish a mapping between them and the recommendation on maDMPs. For this reason, we will create two teams that will work on mappings. In case there is still interest to include any other templates, please let us know.
To facilitate the work, we will reactivate the slack community we used during the hackathon on maDMPs. We will create channels for each template (#science-europe-madmps and #horzion-madmps). Everyone can join the channels. To do so, use this link (click). A detailed description of the exercise and the methodology we want to follow can be found here. A list of team members who expressed their interest in this exercise can be found here. The teams will report on the progress during the video meetings – see the next point.
Ad 2. Next video meetings
Apart from the interaction on Slack we plan to have calls in the middle of February and April. The goal of these calls is to discuss progress regarding mappings and any other issues concerning adoption of maDMPs. We will have again two slots to accommodate for time differences. Please find the calendar invitations attached.
Call 02/2020: 18 February, 10 CET and 18 February, 17 CET
Call 03/2020: 16 March, 10 CET and 18 March, 17 CET
Ad 3. RDA Plenary in Edinburgh
We have submitted two session proposals:
· WG DMP Common Standards: session on maintenance and to present new adoptions
· Joint Session of Active DMPs IG, Exposing DMPs WG and Common Standards WG: to present results from the Exposing DMPs WG and discuss open topics, e.g. community of practice
Both proposals are currently under review.
Ad 4. Community of Practice
We are still evaluating whether establishing the Community of Practice around maDMPs should be the next step for us. We would appreciate any feedback and suggestions.
Ad 5. Recommendation maintenance
We had some good discussions during the calls and there are new ideas and suggestions. Please check the issues on GitHub and provide your feedback. We plan to make small updates, e.g. include a mechanism to indicate extensions, but before we do that, we would like to get your feedback first!