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Hi All,
Just a gentle reminder to participate in this Doodle Poll, to let us know your availability.
Dear Members and Attendees,
We would like to thank you for joining us at one of the two WG sessions at the RDA Plenary 17. We hope you found the session informative and useful. We would also like to express our thanks to our Guest Speaker, Dr. Alicia Martínez García at the session who provided an introduction to the “FAIRness for FHIR” project.
This email serves two purposes: update on the group’s plenary session and invitation to participate in a Doodle poll for the group’s future monthly meeting time.
1. Update on the group’s plenary session: The session focused on the group activities and first rough draft output of the HRPO-FAIR Global Landscape Analysis. The links to various relevant documents are provided below:
1. Collaborative Notes – Session 1, Repeat session
2. Slides
3. Recording of the meeting – Session 1, Repeat session
4. HRPO-FAIR Global Landscape Analysis – Please provide us your feedback!
1. Doodle poll for a new meeting time: We would like to schedule regular monthly calls for completing the tasks assigned to the WG. Please indicate your preferred time through this Doodle Poll. The most preferred time/day will repeat on a monthly basis. To clarify, we will use the indicated preferred day/time for our recurring monthly meeting. Please keep this in mind as you fill up the Doodle poll. Please let us know your availability by 5pm, Eastern US time, May 10th, 2021.
Kind regards,
Venkat, Celia, Kristan & Anu
The Group Co-Chairs