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I am eager to see the formation and description of the GOSC group as well and defer to someone from GOSC to answer. To explain more from the NDS IG side… we found that now we’re an established group, that the topics of interest have moved from ‘what countries have national data services and what are they providing’ to a deeper dive into those services and platforms. As well, we’ve struggled somewhat to include relevant services and projects while keeping the scope at the country level. As we’ve seen, not all countries have an NDS, but there are other successful projects relevant to the members of the IG. We see this as a logical evolution of the NDS IG – to now focus less on the scope of the service, to be more inclusive, and highlight the capabilities and connection of data commons and services.
Thanks everyone for being open to this!
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Sent: Thursday, July 11, 2019 8:52 AM
To: rkoskela ; Sandra Gesing ; National Data Services IG
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Subject: Re: [national-data-services] Update on the RDA NDS Interest Group
I’m always for merging of groups, but what is the scope and goal of the ’Global Open Science Commons (GOSC) Interest Group’?
In my experience, the clearer the outputs, the more engaged WG members are. I’d love to contribute to a group with a clear goal, and a set of proposed outputs – and thoughts up front on how those outputs will be used, and by whom.
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Sent: Thursday, July 11, 2019 11:42 AM
To: Sandra Gesing ; National Data Services IG
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Subject: Re: [national-data-services] Update on the RDA NDS Interest Group
I also agree but I am having difficulty finding the Global Open Science Commons (GOSC) Interest Group on
the RDA website. If the proposed group hasn’t been endorsed yet, is there a way to follow the
progress so that we can sign up as members?
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On Thu, Jul 11, 2019 at 9:27 AM Sandra Gesing wrote:
Dear all,
I agree – I think it’s a great idea to merge them!
Sandra Gesing
Associate Research Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Computational Scientist, Center for Research Computing
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On Thu, Jul 11, 2019 at 9:29 AM Dale.Peters wrote:
Hi All!
The recommendation to rationalise the NDS IG in the GOSC initiative is supported – with thanks to NDS-IG co-chairs and members for valuable engagements.
Kind regards,
Dr Dale Peters
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Subject: [national-data-services] Update on the RDA NDS Interest Group
The National Data Services Interest Group has been facilitating the discussion of data services in a national/regional context since Plenary 5. The most recent IG meeting was held at P12 in Gaborone, and the most recent output of the IG was a summary of selected National Data Services based on a survey. There was no submission for the IG for the previous plenary in Philadelphia, and there was no submission for the upcoming plenary in Helsinki.
Given recent efforts to create the Global Open Science Commons (GOSC) Interest Group (which emerged from the last couple of Plenaries from discussion of the GOSC BOF group), and the common interests and overlaps with the National Data Services IG, we are recommending that the NDS IG be put on hold, and current IG members direct their attention to the GOSC efforts. There is a strong likelihood that the GOSC discussion will lead to the creation of both an Interest Group, and an initial Working Group, so there will be ample opportunity for ongoing discussion of national/international data services, and their interoperability at the international scale. We will endeavour to share the initial descriptions of the GOSC group(s) as soon as possible, so NDS IG Members can get a better sense of the synergies.
As the current co-chairs of the NDS IG, we would like to provide the Members with an opportunity to comment on this recommendation, so please let us know via this NDS IG list if you have feedback. Thanks,
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