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I think Claire has managed to capture all the key points – I made some minor edits to try and rhetorically clarify our key point (which is ‘good example in bioinformatics’ AND this is wider’ (vs ‘Good example in biometrics, you missed that this is wider’).
I don’t think I can make the sprint tomorrow, but I added a note about FAIRER – I believe it should be kept as FAIR – this has been discussed before in the WG and the decision was to not extend it to FAIRER.
Read our statement on ‘Playing Our Part during COVID-19’
Dr. Natalie Harrower
Director, Digital Repository of Ireland
Royal Irish Academy
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RDA COVID-19 Working Group
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On 24 Mar 2021, at 09:46, cambonthomsen via RDA COVID19 Coordination wrote:
I have proposed a modification of the last paragraph of the short version made by Claire. Not sure I can be persent for the next sprint.
Le 23/03/2021 à 19:19, muhlmansiek via RDA COVID19 Coordination a écrit :
The commentary is progressing, and it looks like we will need at least one more meeting to get it finalized and in the required format for submission to Nature. Of note, a Correspondence submission only allows for 250 words, so the draft may have to be shortened significantly.
We are aiming for a meeting on Thursday; if interested in joining, please indicate your availability here:
Thanks and regards,
From: on behalf of muhlmansiek via RDA COVID19 Coordination
Reply-To: Mary O’Brien Uhlmansiek
Date: Friday, March 19, 2021 at 07:28
To: RDA COVID19 Coordination , Zoe Cournia , “***@***.***
Subject: [rdacovid19-coordination] Update on response to Nature commentary
Dear all,
The group has made tremendous progress on the response to the recent Nature article, and hopes to finalize it early next week. I’ve sent out an invitation for a writing sprint on Monday, 22 March at 11:00 UTC if you are able to join. Here is the link to the draft if you’d like to provide comments/suggestions:–b4gqU2wD7jSj2E8KVTCfLvsoQ4ai
Thanks again for all of your time and effort on this initiative, and have a great weekend.
Mary O’Brien Uhlmansiek, MA
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Research Data Alliance – US/RA
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