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Hi Sara
Thanks so much, I’ve attached a couple things here that hopefully you can
pull together into a better piece 🙂 I’ve also cc’d in the planning team
who could pitch in ideas.
1. Andrew’s written a RDA blog

on a unconference he attended recently which I think is great way of
introducing the concept to RDA community
2. There’s an RDA event page on everything here
. Sara I don’t
know if you have the power to do this but it would be great to improve this
page too, I really wanted to add some images but I don’t have the access
3. We’d like to have a google form distributed for people to use to
informally sign up for the event (for catering purposes) and to start
gathering topic ideas. The form’s currently here
Sara if you have any suggestions on edits to this please just say, we
haven’t made it live yet but obviously will do so before newsletter goes
out so it can be linked to, and will add it to the RDA event page
4. I have 2 graphics that might be of use either here or in the news
letter – see attached. Image2 should really be a clickable link to here

Then lastly I don’t know who has control over this so I’m just asking
whoever I can – we really need to get the event page
linked onto the
main program page
@Unconf planning team: Once we have all of the above up and the news letter
goes out we can all tweet etc about it, and we should probably try meet up
again to talk logistics planning. I’m traveling next week so here’s a
doodle for the following week
(sorry Devika – it’s more amenable to Aus and CET this time:/).
Jane Wyngaard, PhD
Data Science Technologist
Centre for Research Computing
University of Notre Dame
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