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Traits that make the most productive data professional (in no particular order), and my spin on exactly what each one references:

Open-minded and flexible
Familiar with data

As a data scientist, your job is to research things. Why would it be different when it comes to presentation? You have to know exactly who you will talking to because that will set the tone of your speech.

So question number one: who is your audience?

So to deliver an engaging presentation, go one level deeper and turn your data into a story.
2. Great design – Don’t pack your slides . some good examples car insurance niche can be seen herehere (courtesy – Next Car Insurance Kenya)
keep this rule with visualization: 1 slide = 1 chart + 1 sentence. Done.

Avoid stock photos!

Great delivery – The simpler the better (again)

There is one thing that many professionals misunderstand when they get on the stage. They think they have to prove that they are good at what they do. So they use a lot of technical jargon, they skip over basic concepts, they never miss an opportunity to highlight the complexity of their profession and how deeply they understand the topic.

Turn it into a discussion

So I suggest the same to you: try to make your one-way presentation more discussion-like! Try to involve your audience: ask questions, listen to their reactions and react appropriately. and make it resourseful.