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Hallo everyone,
The very interesting discussions during the RDA PID community cross-fertilisation workshop yesterday made me think that it could be interesting to have a P21 session along the theme of “PIDs as glue to stick everything together” or something to that effect; – i.e. highlighting (with some “theory” but mainly using real-world practical examples) how to leverage PIDs in metadata records – not only as data values, but also when pinpointing the definition/interpretation of metadata models/standards and their associated fields. What do you others in the PID IG think about this (crazy) idea?
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Sent: Wednesday, May 31, 2023 09:46
Subject: [rda-pid-ig] Topics for the PID IG Session at the next Plenary at IDW
It’s that time again, the deadline for the submission of a proposal for the next Plneary is coming up fast
Please let us know if you have topics that you would like hear more about or any topics that you would like to contribute yourself
with best wishes
Adrian, Jonathan and Laure

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