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Dear All,
I apologize for not making the meeting. Had a medical emergency to sort out and didn’t get to see this notice until a short while ago.
I trust that we had a fruitful deliberation at today’s meeting. Please let me know if there are specific roles or assignments for me to fulfill. I look forward to attending future meetings.
I will like to suggest that a notice of at least 48hours be made before subsequent meetings so as to allow for individuals to plan for the event.
Thank you once again for the kind consideration. 
Best regards,
Mr Ademola Adeyeye MBBS, PGDE, MSc(London), MMCS, FRCS(England), FRCS(Edinburgh), FACS, FEBS(Surgical Oncology), FMAS, FWACS.General Surgeon and European Board Certified Surgical Oncologist,Vice President and CPD coordinator, Nigerian Society for Colorectal Disorders,Associate Professor of Surgery,ABUAD,Nigeria Senior Surgical Research Fellow in Colorectal Surgery, King’s College Hospital, London, United Kingdom
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On Monday, November 13, 2023, 12:56 PM, Francis P. Crawley via Artificial Intelligence and Data Visitation (AIDV) WG wrote:
Dear AIDV-WG Members,
The EOSC-Future/RDA Artificial Intelligence and Data Visitation Working Group (AIDV-WG) meets for our monthly meeting today from 13:00 to 14:30 UTC/ 14:00 to 15:30 CET (Brussels/Paris time). This is the Zoom Link (Passcode 123). Here is the proposed agenda:

– Alignment, publication, dissemination, implementation, exploitation of the EOSC-Future/RDA AIDV-WG’s results
The most important topics for us today are the communication, dissemination, and exploitation of our deliverables. We need to discuss how we will align these deliverables with one another and then develop them through publication, discussion, and distribution. The deliverables are as follows:
Deliverable 2: ‘Secure Processing Environments for Open Science: Proposing Legal Foundations’
Informed Consent Guidance – Draft2
Deliverable 4 – Recommendations for REC-IRBs.docx
AI Bill of Rights TeamDeliverable
Deliverable 2 arrived on 2 November and so we will as the team to discuss their deliverable.
Our working group has been awarded for RDA Tiger Support. We are still waiting to hear from RDA Tiger with the proposal on how they plan to support us. However, we can expect that the Tiger team will provide services to facilitate and support our outputs in integrating them into key European and international initiatives, and help promote these outputs by helping to support their implementation with open science and other technologies globally.

– Creating a work stream on data visitation
We have had good discussions during our last two AIDV-WG meetings on data visitation. The suggestion is now to establish a work stream ‘Data Visitation Ethics and Governance Challenges’. The work stream would examine how the AIDV-WG’s deliverables can be implemented into an overall framework for data visitation.

– Report on the EOSC-Future/RDA AIDV-WG’s Session at the RDA Plenary 21
A summary and feedback on the RDA Plenary 21 at the International Data Week (IDW2023) in Salzburg, Austria this past 23-26 October 2023 – Session held on Tuesday 24 October at UTC 14:00 – 15:30 | CEST/AT 16:00 – 17:30 | RDA P21 Breakout Session 3: Transforming the AIDV-WG’s deliverables into horizontal actions across data disciplines,sectors, and systems: Engaging digital communities in incorporating ELSI in data and AI tools and systems for achieving the UN SDGs and real-world outcomes You can register here.
We have applied for RDA Tiger Support in order to further help with our work going forward. We expect a final decision shortly.

– Final Report of the EOSC-Future/RDA AIDV-WG’s for the EOSC-Future Project
Discussion on completion and publication of the EOSC-Future/RDA AIDV-WG’s for the EOSC-Future Project.

– Proposal for a CoARA ERIP Working Group
Discussion of the final proposal submitted to the Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment (CoARA) for an ‘Ethics and Research Integrity Policy in Responsible Research Assessment for Data and Artificial Intelligence (ERIP-WG).

– Proposal for a FORCE11 Scholarly Communication Institute (FSCI) course for the summer of 2014
Following on the summer 2013 course FORCE11 Scholarly Communication Institute (FSCI) course we organised, ‘The Role of AI Ethics in Scientific Publications on Open Science Platforms: Examining the Use of AI in Global Publication Governance Models for Impactful Knowledge Sharing and Social Benefit’, we will propose to do a similar course under a revised model in 2024. The course dates are 29 July – 2 August 2024 at the UCLA Powell Library. This will be proceeded by the FORCE-11 2024 Conference on 22-26 July 2024.

– Proposal for a FORCE11 Scholarly Communication Institute (FSCI) course for the summer of 2014
Discussion on the development of an ‘AI in Science for Policy Joint International Working Group (AISP-WG)’ in response to the European Commission’s Scoping Paper: Successful and timely uptake of Artificial Intelligence in science in the EU (4 July 2023) and the OECD’s Artificial Intelligence in Science: Challenges, Opportunities and the Future of Research (June 2023) (takinginto account ALLEA’s European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity (2023 revised edition [with AI])

– Any other business (AOB)
– Next EOSC-Future/RDA AIDV-WG Meeting: Monday, 11 December 2023, 13:00 to 14:30 UTC / 14:00 to 15:30 CET (Brussels time). This is the Zoom Link (Passcode 123)
Looking forward to being with everyone,
Francis (also on behalf of Elif, Claudia, and Natalie)

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