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Dear All,
I trust we are doing well. Thank you for the email. I have been able to skim through the documents (because of the short notice before the meeting) and I have found the write-ups to be excellently written. 
I look forward to today’s meeting.
Best regards,
Dr Ademola Adeyeye MBBS, MMCS, MSc(London), FRCS (Eng &Ed), FACS, FEBS, FMAS, FWACS, PGDE General and Minimal Access SurgeonEuropean Board Certified Surgical Oncologist Associate Professor of Surgery, ABUAD, Nigeria 
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On Monday, October 9, 2023, 11:39 AM, Francis P. Crawley via Artificial Intelligence and Data Visitation (AIDV) WG wrote:
Dear AIDV-WG Members,
The EOSC-Future/RDA Artificial Intelligence and Data Visitation Working Group (AIDV-WG) meets for our monthly meeting today from 14:00 to 15:00 CEST (Brussels/Paris time). The is the Zoom Link (Passcode 123).
The most important topics for us today are our deliverables. We have the following three in that need to be commented on and further developed.
Informed Consent Guidance – Draft 2
Deliverable 4 – Recommendations for REC-IRBs.docx
AI Bill of Rights Team Deliverable
We are also waiting on the Deliverable 2 on legal aspects from Alexander and his team. And then too we need to discuss today again the survey.
While we need to have a strong focus now on the coordination, publication, exploitation, and implementation of our deliverables, we also need to start to look ahead at what we might want to do.
We had a rich discussion during our September monthly meeting on data visitation. We should take this forward. Perhaps in connection with this Shiny can report on the Belgian Day on Digital Twins in Healthcare in Leuven, Belgium that was held on Friday 29 September.
We have as our primary focus for reporting our deliverables the session on the RDA Plenary 21 at the IDW2023 Salzburg, Austria, 23-26 October 2023 – Our session is on Tuesday 24 October at UTC 14:00 – 15:30 | CEST/AT 16:00 – 17:30 | RDA P21 Breakout Session 3: Transforming the AIDV-WG’s deliverables into horizontal actions across data disciplines, sectors, and systems: Engaging digital communities in incorporating ELSI in data and AI tools and systems for achieving the UN SDGs and real-world outcomes You can register here.
We have applied for RDA Tiger Support in order to further help with our work going forward. We expect a final decision shortly.
I was required to submit by the end of September a Final Report on the EOSC-Future/RDA Artificial Intelligence & Data Visitation Working Group (AIDV-WG) to EOSC-Future, as the project ended then. Here is a link to the report. This is now we should now work on and refine together, perhaps for publication. Please add to it. Fix what is wrong. Revise. Perhaps just use ‘reviewing’ (track changes) so we can all follow.
Another thought was join a joint working group on ‘AI Policy for Science’ following on some recent publications. (Just a thought.)
– The European Commission’s ‘Scoping Paper: Successful and timely uptake of Artificial Intelligence in science in the EU (4 July 2023)
– OECD’s Artificial Intelligence in Science: Challenges, Opportunities and the Future of Research (June 2023)
– ALLEA European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity (2023 revised edition [with AI])
Looking forward to being with everyone shortly.
Francis (also on behalf of Elif, Claudia, and Natalie)

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