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Dear colleagues,
my name is Valeria Quochi, I am a Linguist Researcher at the Italian
National Research Council and a member of the CLARIN research
infrastructure.  Firstly, I apologise for not having been able to
participate to the calls nor to the writing sprints as I hoped
initially.  Anyhow, I managed to follow up with the guidelines document
and I would like to contribute the perspective of Research
Infrastructures (especially CLARIN which I know best).  I managed to add
some comments with suggestions. Please, feel free even to reject them
altogether if you think them unuseful.
As background information, in case you are unaware of the initiative:
CLARIN is a very active RI for the Social Sciences and Humanities and a
point of reference for language-related research. CLARIN, a European
Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC, Landmark under ESFRI), has the
mission to create and maintain a distributed infrastructure to support
the sharing, (re)use and sustainability of interoperable language data
and tools for research in the humanities and social sciences and beyond.
The initiative is rooted in the vision that all digital language
resources, be it in written, spoken, or multimodal form, are accessible
through a single sign-on online environment and a networked federation
of centres.
It t also strictly liase and collaborate with other major RIs and
projects focused especially of Open Science and data interoperability,
such as SSHOC. CLARIN- ERIC is currently partnering with WageIndicator
for the Survey on Living and Working in Times of Corona, and has
committed to assist the SSH community in COVID-19 related research with
some initiatives
Hoping to be helpful,
Best regards,
Valeria Quochi