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Dear all,
may I suggest that the people who set up the Metadata Element Priorities questionnaire quickly go in and edit it, appending a free-text optional comments field at the end – this would allow people to add e.g. their ideas for more metadata fields, or add any other suggestions. (I find it a good principle to always allow questionnaire respondents such a possibility, especially if no other contact information is given in the introductory text!)
Also: prompted by the posts by John and Anita, I’ve just added “Title/short name” to the “Gaps to consider” document at…. (This file appears to have been created in 2017, but up to now it seems no one has added anything!) However, I didn’t have any “use case” in mind, other than – so I hope there are some volunteers who could be persuaded to add some useful context here!
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Sent: Tuesday, May 26, 2020 20:12
To: Metadata IG
Subject: [rda-metadata-ig] Survey to select priorities of each RDA Metadata Element
Dear members of the RDA Metadata IG,
We would like some assistance in determining the priority order of which data elements
should be unpacked first. As you recall, the list of metadata elements was proposed at previous RDA plenary meetings. The current list of 17 high-level elements was identified at the P8 meeting held in Denver, Colorado. The list has been shared with and reviewed by many of the domain groups. The 17 high-level elements need to be unpacked to produce the lists of sub-elements that more closely resemble how the elements might be represented in a real metadata scheme. We would like feedback on the order of elements for the unpacking process.
The most efficient way to do the survey is to check the list of elements at the top of the survey, write down the numbers of the elements in your priority order, and use that list to fill in the survey. It should take you less than 2 minutes to fill in the survey.
Link to survey:
Thank you for your assistance,
Rebecca Koskela
Keith Jeffery
Alex Ball