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Jorge Clarke

Dear all,
I would like to give you more details about myself and my background, to
let me know better, because I haven’t managed to understand how can I best
contribute to the WG. I have been participating in almost all the meetings,
mainly listening, I have read the associated documents (without daring to
write on them, mainly due to efficiency considerations), and yet, I haven’t
found a way to properly contribute.
My background is mainly quntitative and theoretical, PhD in probability
(Stochastic Differential Equations, browmian motion). Then
a post-doc in Spatio-Temporal Statistics (start working with data). Since
a year and a half I train myself in AI and DataSience (Machine Learning
supervised and non-supervised, clasiffication, prediction and clustering;
Deep Learning, neural networs, etc.). I arrived to the social-science
sub-group because I’m in the trasnversal part and because I like social
sciences (I’m finishing a transition from academia to the private sector,
and from theroetical maths to applied statistics and Data Analysis,
currently I’m consultant in this topic working in a development related
mission based in kenya). By my own means I have been learning
about Environmental Economics, Human Centered Design, Income and Wealth
Distribution, Social Choice and Voting Systems.
Sorry to charge you with this, but I guess that sharing this is the
best way to understand how can I best contribute to the team.
See you soon.
Jorge Andrés Clarke De la Cerda
PhD in Applied Sciences
On Fri, Apr 17, 2020 at 12:30 PM Iryna Kuchma via