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Carole Goble

Thanks Katy
That makes a lot of sense.
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Professor Carole Goble
The University of Manchester
On 20 May 2020, at 22:18, mcneillh via RDA-COVID19-Software wrote:

Hi all,
You’ll recall in yesterday’s meeting there was uncertainty around the scope/approach of the Navigation Tree. I know our group rep. was going to go back and gather information. Coincidentally this came up elsewhere today, and I thought it might be useful to report back to the group something I learned today—when we were discussing it in another WG (Social Sciences). Here’s my rough understanding—for obvious reasons not as “the answer” to the Software group (not trying to pre-empt our rep), but just erring on the side of sharing what I heard—and our group rep. could corroborate that once they learn more.
1. The original overall WG Charge describes one of the outputs as: A Decision Tree tool to facilitate navigation to specific Resources.
2. The “Resources” are those in Zotero.
3. However, as the overall project has evolved, and the length of the document grew extensively, there emerged a new need to develop a tool to help readers navigate the recommendations in the document itself, and it was decided that the navigation tool should serve that new purpose as well.
4. So now ostensibly the scope of the tool would be to point users to both:
a. Resources in Zotero and/or
b. Guidelines/recommendations from the main text (even if they don’t point to a Resource)
Hope that helps,
Katherine McNeill
Research Data Program Manager & Collections Librarian
Harvard Business School, Knowledge and Library Services

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