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Hi Laura, 

I would agree with Shelley that both the empirical and bibliographical research data metadata provide value to any collection intended for reuse. Bibliographic data collections for open citation that contain additional supplementary structured metadata files (information/criteria for reuse) would allow other researchers in future citation instances to correlate any extended version of the knowledge captured in your initial theoretical publication back to that collection of origin. I can see this being applied in various linguistic applications that merge both theoretical and experimental semantic knowledge structures (unbiased to subject or domain). In addition to other RDA working groups, the Research Metadata Schemas WG provide RDA endorsed recommendations under the “Guidelines for publishing structured metadata on the web” in the citation listed below if that is also of help. I would also suggest exploring complimentary metadata repositories to include deposited metadata for your bibliographic data collection that has the ability to connect to other knowledge/language platforms and maintains flexible export options for citation reuse (other groups may have further guidance on this).

Wu, Mingfang, Juty, Nick, RDA Research Metadata Schemas WG, Collins, Julia, Duerr, Ruth, Ridsdale, Chantel, Shepherd, Adam, Verhey, Chantelle, & Castro, Leyla Jael. (2021). Guidelines for publishing structured metadata on the web (3.1).