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Hi everyone,
Just a quick reminder for our monthly RDA Data Granularity Meeting tomorrow, Thursday, 15 July 2021, 3pm UTC
Things are starting to shape up, so please consider indicating your specific interests in our Sub-group Sign-up Sheet, even if you cannot come to the meeting for some reason.
This is our agenda:
1. Introductions (for new members)
2. Report from Chairs
* Version 2 of the WG Case Statement has been submitted to RDA for review. It will be re-reviewed by TAB and, if approved, passed to Council for final endorsement. Given timelines, we hope this can be achieved by August.
3. Sub-group planning – Reminder: for 0-6 months, the WG has planned the following 3 main projects:
1. Define Use Cases
2. Existing Constraints Metadata/Guidelines – What is already there?
3. Community Survey
In the meeting we will discuss planning for this group work, including:
1. Seeking 0-6 Month Co-leads: for the meeting, please consider if you would like to serve as a co-lead for any of the above projects
2. Tools for communication and organization
* Sub-group Sign-up Sheet: ahead of the meeting, please consider which of the 3 sub-groups you would like to join and place an X in the respective column (some have been indicated already).
* Github
* First meetings
1. P18 Planning
a. Deadline for submissions: Friday, August 06, 2021. Group Session application.
b. Timing: 24 Breakout Sessions slots available 3-18 November 2021
c. Content
1. Other Business
We are looking forward to meeting you here:
Please let us know, if you have not received a calendar invite or have any other questions or if would like to add any agenda items.
All the best,
Brigitte Mathiak (and Reyna and Katy)