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Graham Smith

Hi all,
I have just returned from leave today and have been booked into a training course that clashes with this, apologies but I will also have to miss out.
Good news on the WG status and I’m already signed up to one of the sub-groups.

Graham Smith
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Subject: Re: [data-granularity-wg] REMINDER for the meeting tomorrow
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Dear all
Same here, sincere apologies.
Best regards,
Université de Lorraine
Soutien aux données de la recherche
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Le 18/08/2021 à 20:31, Romain_David_13 via Data Granularity WG a écrit :
Hi all
I appologize
I am off until next week
I will follow progress with the notes
best regards
De: “BrigitteMathiak via Data Granularity WG”
À: ***@***.***
Envoyé: Mercredi 18 Août 2021 19:03:28
Objet: [data-granularity-wg] REMINDER for the meeting tomorrow
Hi everyone,
Just a quick reminder for our monthly RDA Data Granularity Meeting tomorrow, Thursday, 18 August 2021, 3pm UTC
The first as an official Working Group.
This is the agenda:
1. Introduction (for new members)
2. Chairs Update
* Update on Case Statement (we are a working group!)
* P18 Proposal Submitted
1. Collaboration Tools; proposal to use the following set: google drive + google jamboard + Slack
2. Reports from the subgroups
* Constraints
* Survey
1. Co-leads for the subgroups
2. Other Business
Hope to see you tomorrow here:
Please let us know, if you have not received a calendar invite or have any other questions or if would like to add any agenda items.
All the best,
Brigitte Mathiak (and Reyna and Katy)

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