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Hi all,
Agreed, unless the Infectious Diseases BOF was meant to cover all of this? Here’s a few things we can discuss on email, and maybe someone can start a Google doc? I have another deadline today so I can circle back later.
I note this:
Note, submissions for Working/Interest Group sessions and Joint Meetings are accepted from group chairs only. For joint meetings, all group chairs need to be notified prior to submission.
For submission we need to determine the following:
Session Title
Session Abstract (meeting objectives)
Meeting Presenters
Meeting Agenda
Target Audience
About the Group: Group chair serving as contact person; brief intro describing the scope and activities of the group; short group status
Type of meeting (Informative vs Working)
And groups to avoid scheduling conflicts with (eg the new Infectious diseases one)
Information on how to hold the session – prerecorded, live, multiple times to accommodate different time zones
Which preferred plenary slot (Sessions 1 through 8)
To get the conversation going:
First question is what would we want to accomplish? We could make it an informative meeting, but I think there are things we could work on, such as how we might maintain these recs and guidelines going forward, what other outputs could emerge from them (in addition to the papers, tools already being worked on), creation of case studies of their implementation, etc. If we went in this direction, the ‘Type of meeting’ could be ‘Working’ and the objectives could include presenting the work, presenting additional outputs, framework for adoptions, plan for maintenance, etc.
Read our statement on ‘Playing Our Part during COVID-19’
Dr. Natalie Harrower
Director, Digital Repository of Ireland
Royal Irish Academy
***@***.*** | @natalieharrower | @dri_ireland
RDA COVID-19 Working Group
European Commission FAIR data expert group
European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) FAIR working group
On 4 Aug 2020, at 03:01, kheerand via RDA COVID19 Coordination wrote:
Hi Mark,
Agree, we should schedule one for the Plenary.
On Tue, Aug 4, 2020 at 1:10 AM mleggott via RDA COVID19 Coordination wrote:
I believe this one slipped through the cracks, as there is no coordination that I am aware of.
I know Priyanka is submitting a proposal for an “Infectious Disease Community of Practice”, which is a new designation that RDA is just in the early stages of defining. I have CC’d Priyanka, as I can’t remember if we had discussed a COVID-19 WG submission along with this.
We should make sure that we do submit a WG session for P16, and I am happy to help facilitate if one has not yet been drafted.
Claire – let me know where you are on this and what I can do to help.

From: Claire Austin
Date: Monday, August 3, 2020 at 11:03
To: RDA COVID-19 Co-Chairs and Moderators
Cc: Rajni Nagrani , Mary De Silva , Bridget Walker , Mar k Leggott
Subject: Session proposal for November Plenary – Deadline tomorrow (Tuesday)
Hello everyone,
Is there an RDA-COVID19-WG submission for the November (virtual) Plenary – deadline for submission tomorrow?
Is each sub-WG submitting separate session proposals, or is there some kind of coordination?
Please accept my apologies if I’ve missed relevant emails about this.

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