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Some of us at NIST might be interested in this conversation, as we are hosting data for the C2QA consortium ( at BNL and we operate several beamlines there.
From: on behalf of David Elbert via Research data needs of the Photon and Neutron Science community IG
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Date: Tuesday, July 18, 2023 at 12:56 PM
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Subject: [rda-rdnpnsc-ig] Re: [rda-rdnpnsc-ig] Re: RDA Plenary in Salzburg, Oct 23
Dear Line-
I want to introduce myself and am hoping we might find time to talk about FAIR data and efforts like those you work on at BNL. I’m research faculty at Johns Hopkins University where I span data science and materials science research. My own work centers on data infrastructure and modeling development with collaborations across many types of materials from alloys to ceramics to quantum materials to recycled plastics. I’ve also been one of the drivers behind the the Materials Research Data Alliance, “MaRDA” ( which works to network materials data stakeholders in a variety of ways. At our last MaRDA Annual Meeting there were several people interested in working together on metadata and other aspects of making photon source (and neutron source) data FAIR. I pointed out the international efforts and that the efforts should connect with those and leverage their existing effort and recommendations.
I think​ that Brookhaven is more advanced than any other facility in the US on this front (or certainly one of the leaders) and so would appreciate chatting when you have some time to see how one might connect your work with other facilities. I think that means understanding the broader DOE efforts and how they can dovetail with aspirations at facilities funded by NSF and others as well as how to link to data from non-centralized facilities.
Is that something you’d be interesting in discussing? Are there others at Brookhaven that would be good to include? If so, I hope we can schedule something and that you’ll suggest some days/times when we might Zoom. Thanks!
David Elbert
Faculty Research Scientist
Chief Data Officer NSF PARADIM Materials Innovation Platform
Executive Council Materials Research Data Alliance
Hopkins Extreme Materials Institute (HEMI)
Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD 21218 USA
From: ***@***.*** on behalf of linepouchard via Research data needs of the Photon and Neutron Science community IG
Sent: Tuesday, July 18, 2023 10:19 AM
To: Taylor, Jon ; brian matthews ; Research data needs of the Photon and Neutron Science community IG
Cc: wp2 ; wp2-expands eu ; GOTZ Andrew ; markus kubin ; Servan, Sophie
Subject: [rda-rdnpnsc-ig] Re: RDA Plenary in Salzburg, Oct 23
Dear Brian:
I am happy to participate in the session and planning to attend in person.
— —
Line Pouchard, PhD
Computational Science Initiative, C3D
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Building 725, room 2-120
PO Box 5000
Upton, New York, 11973-5000
Cell 865 405-5120
From: Taylor, Jon
Date: Tuesday, July 18, 2023 at 7:57 AM
To: brian matthews
Cc: ***@***.*** , wp2 , wp2-expands eu , GOTZ Andrew , Pouchard, Line
, markus kubin , Servan, Sophie
Subject: Re: RDA Plenary in Salzburg, Oct 23
Hi Brian,
This is great news, I’m planning to attend.
From: Servan, Sophie
Date: Tuesday, July 18, 2023 at 3:05 AM
To: brian matthews
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, markus kubin
Subject: [EXTERNAL] Re: RDA Plenary in Salzburg, Oct 23
Dear Brian,
Great news!
I can still attend and would be happy to speak.
From: “brian matthews”
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, “markus kubin”
Sent: Monday, 17 July, 2023 18:18:14
Subject: RE: RDA Plenary in Salzburg, Oct 23
Dear all,
I am pleased to say our request for a session at RDA21 @ IDW 2023 has been accepted.
They want us to add some more precise timings – we did have quite a long list of potential contributors, so we’ll need to refine this agenda a bit.
It would be good to fit all the talks into say 1 hour and 15 minutes to leave time for discussion.
Below is the agenda as we submitted – we can change this (I would propose that I include the FAIR assessment as part of my introduction for example).
Can I ask those in the agenda to confirm that you can still attend and would like to speak?
1. Enabling FAIR data – a FAIR data toolkit for PaN RIs (encompassing both ExPaNDS and PaNOSC work) – Brian Matthews (with contribution from Andy Götz)
2. . FAIR principles adoption in US labs – Line Pouchard, Jon Taylor
3. Extending the toolbox: Data-driven approaches for devising future RDM strategies for photon and neutron facilities in Germany – Markus Kubin
4. Tools for FAIR facilities
a. DMPs – Heike Görzig
b. FAIR vocabularies – Alejandra Gonzalez-Beltran
c. PIDs for Scientific Data: Applications in Synchrotron and FEL Facilities – Andrei Vukolov
5. FAIR assessment in Facilities – Brian Matthews
6 Building a PaN community around FAIR practices:
a. with ExPaNDS, PaNOSC and OSCARS – Sophie Servan
b. with LEAPS WG3 and a data management MoU – Majid Ounsy
7. Discussion on Future IG activities and proposals for recommendations.
– Show quoted text -From: Matthews, Brian (STFC,RAL,SC)
Sent: 06 June 2023 12:26
To: ***@***.***; wp2 ; ***@***.***; Servan, Sophie ; Andy Gotz (***@***.***)
Subject: RDA Plenary in Salzburg, Oct 23
Dear All,
I was wondering about proposing a session of the Research data needs of the Photon and Neutron Science community IG at the next RDA plenary in Salzburg, 23-26 October 2023? See:
With the ExPaNDS and PaNOSC projects finishing recently, it would be timely to share these results and also look forward to compare with activity elsewhere and discuss whether we might take this forward – including any results suitable for RDA recommendations.
The deadline for session proposals is Friday 9th June! Apologies for the lateness of this, but I hope we can put something together.
I have drafted some text as below – and also at
(this should be an open link for anyone to comment).
It would be good to have input from outside Europe? And also volunteers for speakers?
(I have cheekily suggested some names).
Meeting title: Tools for working towards the FAIR Facility
Contact for group (email): ***@***.***
Group(s) submitting the application: RDA-PANS IG
Meeting Objectives:
FAIR data has been rising on the agenda for Photon and Neutron Facilities over the last 10 years, with significant advances being made on the systematic generation and management of data to be FAIR-ly available to encourage its use and reuse. European Photon and Neutron Facilities have been engaged in two significant joint projects: PaNOSC and ExPaNDS; these have finished recently and have developed a toolkit of practical guidance and tools that facilities can use to evolve their systems and processes to deliver FAIR data as it leaves the facility. The toolkit covers areas which are of general interest to the RDA community including:
Defining FAIR data policy for an data generating institution Defining and sharing metadata standards for annotating data generated within facilities.
Tools methods and processes for managing experimental data The adoption of suitable Persistent Identifiers within facilities processes.
The role of Data Management Planning in facilities Applying FAIR Data Assessment to Photon and Neutron Facilities.
In this session, we would like to present this FAIR toolkit and share it with the wider RDA community, comparing with similar efforts in facilities around the world.
The toolkit is an evolving body, so we would like to discuss how we might further its adoption and continue to develop it within future programmes.
Future developments might include developing parts of the toolkit into an RDA recommendation. The IG meeting will discuss this and identify suitable opportunities.
Meeting presenters:
Meeting agenda:
Enabling FAIR data – Lessons from ExPaNDS, a FAIR data toolkit – Brian? Or someone else?
Implementing FAIR data – Lessons from PaNOSC, – Andy?
Implementing DMPs – Heike?
Assessing the FAIRness of Facilities – Brian ? Or Someone else?
FAIR DATA MANAGEMENT Collaboration – Majid?