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Agree. Nicely written, very informative. Thank you Francoise!
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Subject: [rda-eu-ambassadors] Re: [rda-eu-ambassadors] Wider dissemiantion of the report on the RDA Ambassadors…
Same for me, this is a nice report, I fully support to disseminate it so others can benefit from it too.
Kind regards,
Op wo 7 okt. 2020 19:13 schreef cambonthomsen via RDA Europe Ambassadors :
Fine for me to disseminate; nice report, thanks Françoise!
Le 07/10/2020 à 18:21, TimeaBiro via RDA Europe Ambassadors a écrit :
Dear all,
I am following up on the previous exchanges regarding Francoise’s report on the Ambassadors programme and the wish to make it openly available.
As the report is based on the interviews conducted with you, we would like to kindly ask you to review the final version, in attachment, and let us know if you have any objections to the wider dissemination of it.
If you do have any concerns or objections, please let u know by next Wednesday, 16 October COB.
Thank you for your time on this.
Kindest regards,

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