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Timea Biro

Thank you, Sara. This is very useful. We should aim towards using the same categories across the different activities.
I will set up a sheet that can be use by all, or will work with Rene on his, if he agrees, so we can facilitate these across the domain covered through the Ambassador programme. We should also be thinking about opening up the conversation with specific groups like the Disciplinary Collaboration Framework IG (as Francoise mentioned during the call) or others such as the Mapping the Landscape IG.
The analysis via the shared spreadsheet would definitely be a good place to start.
We’ll share the access to the google drive shortly and more suggestions on how to take this forward.
Many thanks,

Timea Biro | Project Manager, Digital Repository of Ireland
Royal Irish Academy | 19 Dawson St. Dublin 2
***@***.*** | @dri_ireland |
From: on behalf of saragaravelli
Date: Sunday 17 February 2019 at 08:42
To: Francoise Genova , “***@***.***
Cc: s pittonet , Andrea M Schillaci
Subject: [rda-eu-ambassadors] Re: [rda-eu-ambassadors] Re: [rda-eu-ambassadors] Google sheet with classification of…
Dear all,
With regards to the classification topic be aware that there are ongoing developments at global level. A couple of months ago the RDA EU project has set up a “web-focus” group to discuss with RDA global how to improve the organisation of information on the RDA website. One of the discussion was related to how easily tag and present information of WGs/IGs.
The group has agreed to map the RDA WG/IG according to:
* Scientific domain. General consensus is reached to adopt the “Fields of R&D classification” as indicated in the Frascati Manual 2015 to map the RDA Groups and Outputs
* Group focus. The WFG agreed that the second category will be “Group focus” (and not technological focus) and the following terms will be applied (this mapping is based on the effort done so far within the SUAVE mapping…):
* Data discovery
* Data access and interoperability
* Improving usefulness of data
* Preservation and stewardship
* Provenance, reuse, and interconnection
* Issues of scale
* Data sharing culture
* Education and training
* Governing and maintaining infrastructure
* Data security, legal interoperability, and compliance
The above mapping will be implemented on all the existing groups by the end of February. For the new groups the above information will have to be mandatorily completed when the group is created.
Please keep this into account as it might facilitate your mapping work
If you need extra information on the mapping please contact my colleagues Sara Pittonet and Andrea Schillaci in CC
Have a lovely weekend
Il 15/02/19 13:38, Francoise Genova ha scritto:
Dear all,
This is really interesting. One issue will be to take the new Groups into account since the list is constantly evolving.
Le 15/02/2019 à 13:21, rvhorik a écrit :
Hi Shaun,
Both Ricarda and I have filled in the classification based on our own (subjective) perception. And this has of course some draw-backs.
A next step could be to motivate (and adjust) each classification by looking more in detail to the activities in the WGs and IGs and analysing the output.
On 15 Feb 2019, at 13:07, sdewitt wrote:
Thanks for sharing that Rene. Can I ask whether you filled in the level of community interest based on your own experience in these fields or whether you approached others (or both). Maybe it would be a good idea for each of the ambassadors to look at this and extend it with their own experience in their field. It would be a great way to learn a little about all the WGs and IGs in RDA if nothing else
On Wed, 13 Feb 2019 at 13:28, rvhorik wrote:
Dear all,
As discussed at our call today please find enclosed a link to a Google sheet with RDA output (WG / IG / Outcomes) and classification of relevance for “social science” and “(digital) humanities”.
The sheet can be extended with other disciplines. Please inform me if you want editing rights.
In case there is a Google drive for our group, I could put it there. I do not have a link to this drive.
I am also interested to get the slides of the meeting today.
Best regards,
Dr. René van Horik
Program manager
+31 (0) 6 23 29 73 89
DANS: Netherlands Institute for Permanent Access to Digital Research Resources
Anna van Saksenlaan 51 | 2593 HW The Hague | P.O. Box 93067 | 2509 AB The Hague | +31 70 349 44 50 | ***@***.*** | DANS is an institute of the Dutch Academy KNAW and funding organisation NWO.

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