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Great question – we are asking WG members to indicate their expertise and potential role in the linked google spreadsheet (copied from the attached group update):
* ACTION for YOU: Please indicate (in the Google Spreadsheet) your contact information, area of Expertise(Domain Knowledge, Data Sharing, Ethics, Legal, Technology, Policy) in the context of one of the 5 categories above, and the Role you can best play (e.g. Writing/Editing, Commenting/Review, Dissemination, Observer) to ensure we are able to deliver.
Thanks and regards,
Mary O’Brien Uhlmansiek, MA
Director, Implementation & Outreach
Research Data Alliance – US Region
Skype: Mary Uhlmansiek
From: on behalf of JBrianP via RDA-COVID19
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Date: Thursday, March 26, 2020 at 10:19 AM
Subject: Re: [rda-covid19] Re: [rda-covid19] RDA COVID Group – some things to note
Dear All,
Apologies if this is a duplicate.
I work on a number of EU- and UK-funded projects in medical informatics. I’m not a data scientist, though. Instead my initial interest is around Ethics and Data Protection, and the tension between the two (I am involved in both at University level). But like Helena, I am also a social scientist and am especially interested in people’s views about technology, data analytics and how this affects their own attitudes towards the use and sharing of their personal data.
On an admin note, is someone keeping track of the various and complementary skills around the virtual table?
Dr J Brian Pickering
IT Innovation
University of Southampton
My pronouns are he/him

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