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Dear all,
Greetings to everybody. My name is Alejandro Rodríguez González and I’m
the PI of the Medical Data Analytics Laboratory (MEDAL) act Centre for
Biomedical Technology, which belongs to Universidad Politécnica de
Madrid (UPM) in Spain.
In our lab, we are running several national and H2020 projects (e.g.: ; ; related with the extraction and analysis
of medical information (mainly oriented to different types of cancer),
but with expertise in the general concept/procedure as well as other
Our main technological expertise is focused on the extraction of
information from Electronic Health Records (mainly in Spanish) and the
analysis of the resulting structured data. We also have a project (but
in a preliminary stage) that aim to join phenotypical and biological
manifestations of diseases and analyze the relationships with existing
drugs to try to find new drug repurposing hypothesis.
We will be happy to help with the analysis of such data if it is
possible at some point to have access to it or in any other initiative
where we can help.