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Hi all,
My name is Pieter Heyvaert and I’m a development lead and developer
advocate at Ghent University – IDLab, imec. In our lab we do research to
make knowledge shareable and understandable on the Web. We also provide
the corresponding tools for that. In the context of COVID-19 we believe
that it is super important to make existing and future research easily
shareable and understandable by other parties, including humans and
As our first effort we created a Knowledge Graph based on the 40000
scholarly articles described in a public dataset available on Kaggle.
The Knowledge Graph contains all of the information that is present in
the CSV & JSON: author information, content information and meta
information. Moreover, it contains relations between the different
entities, such as citations between papers and so on and extra
information on different entities such as journals, research
institutions and countries. More information can be found at the links
A Comunica instance to perform queries can be found here:
The code that was used to map the structured data to RDF can be found
The Knowledge Graph is available on Kaggle:
A notebook on how to work with RDF data in Python:
A notebook on working with embeddings:
Kind regards
Pieter Heyvaert
Ghent University, IDLab – imec