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Hi Sara,
Thanks for this. A few comments from me:
– The heading states “also searchable by focus,…” – but I think the
focus (now called topic on the catalogue page) is exactly what the
infographic represents? In other words, Data Management, Data Collection,
can be selected on the Catalogue page, and there is no other criterion
called “focus” on the catalogue page. Or am I missing something? (The
easiest thing might be to remove “also” and replace “focus” with “topic”,
as on the catalogue page).
– “Scientific domain” is called “primary domain” on the catalogue page.
I would suggest removing “scientific” from the infographic.
– I don’t understand the “View Outputs and Recommendations” text under
each of the 6 areas – there are no clickable links in the infographic, so
what is the purpose? Again, am I missing something? (I would suggest adding
clickable links).
– The Data Management text focuses solely on machine-readable DMPs, but
that is only a small subset of the outputs we have with that focus?
– (I was a bit surprised that “Data Description” did not mention
metadata, but that may just be me).
– Identity…: “get clear on” sounds a bit weird to me. “Understand”,
– Disseminate…: Again, I was a bit surprised that there is no mention
of the challenges in finding data, i.e. the “data consumer” perspective?
– Policy…: I would remove the first “all” (“Currently, all sites…”,
as this could invite people to find counter-examples. Also, what is meant
by “sites”?
Catalogue page:
– “Domain agnostic” is there twice (three times if counting the heading
above the final one). Can it be removed from the disciplines, and the
heading “Domain agnostic” also removed? (The heading with the same entry
underneath looks a bit odd).
– On my mobile, the arrow pointing to the search points to the right
edge of the screen, and the search itself is at the bottom of the page,
after the 38 outputs, which is not great. Can this be reversed so that the
search is at the top?
– The Linguistics Output (Tromso…) shows up in the catalogue, but it
should not, as it is still in community review and technically not a
Supporting Output yet. What status should it have so it is not displayed?
(Currently, it’s “None”, which I thought was the correct thing to do at
this point?)
I hope this helps?
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