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Dear James,
I see your point and I agree: they are rather technical questions.
The second one maybe can be skipped, it is not urgently relevant for our purposes up to now.
The first one may be phrased in a “soft” way, asking whether the data upload/download is always satisfactory for researchers. This could give us an insight, at least.
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Hi Rosella,
Thanks for typo fixing, and apologies it’s taken me a while to get back to this.
I’m not entirely sure how we could go about asking a question relating to connection speeds that could be easily answered by respondents. I wouldn’t be able to answer this for UCL, for instance, as the networking varies across different parts of the campus, and practically achievable data transfer speeds are usually substantially less than the theoretical maximum in any case. Did you have a particular way of phrasing the question in mind?
Happy to add a question about whether infrastructures are shared, but again I’m not sure how best to phrase it in a clear and unambiguous manner. Suggestions?

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Dear James and dear all,
great job! I fixed some typos and I have a couple of comments:
– On the data infrastructure part, maybe could be of some interest a detailed question on the connection speed, because this can give an idea of how the system has the potential to be enlarged, or if the workload is not well supported.
– Could it be useful a question on how they arrange (or if they have) a particular data policy in the case the infrastructure is also used by SME (small medium enterprices)?
My best regards,