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Hi all, especially Lynn and Stefanie
It is not really about promoting a regional work, our intention is not
to fly Europe everywhere around P12 – to confirm the global coverage we
are shpping/printing there the following:
* 400 RDA Recommendation Cards,
* different RDA rollups and
* a Poster dedicated to P13 (Philadelphia),
which, if you like, will have greater impact on all sessions I believe.
I am sure we can find a compromise, for instance in the allocation of
materials at the venue. I’ve understood there will be a EU Early Careers
and Experts corner, so I presume RDA Europe Nodes & Grants poster can be
put there. We can also slighlty change the Adoption Process & Programme
poster title, since the upper part present the overall adoption process,
while below we have the information about the adoption programme in
Europe. And – please note that there is a quote by Shelley Stall from
the American Geophysical Union in it, too.
But there is a financial model behind any support that goes towards a
successful Plenary meeting, and in this case the contribution by Europe
derives from a pot of money by RDA Europe 4 project.
The resources that contribute to RDA with an “RDA Europe 4 hat on” are
paid by European taxpayers money – every outreach activity, whilst
clearly needing to support the RDA guiding principles, also needs to
demonstrate the European added value towards its funder, the European
Commission. In case of financial audits (to which all of the European
organisations involved/ RDA Europe beneficiaries may be due), their
level of support (i.e. effor, i.e. funding) may be questioned. And, we
also go through interim reviews where we are monitored by externals on
your financial spending & resource activity clearly budgeted & claimed
under RDA Europe 4.
Last comment, we are dedicating a lot of effort in pulling out adoption
stories since they represent one of the major KPIs that we have to meet
in Europe to demonstrate the value of RDA (at global level), so we are
really looking forward to see a global – collaborative – adoption
programme flying, with tangible cases of adoption from any regions. We
are leading this activity in Europe, but we are really open to learn and
get inspiration from any other region. We could also support the graphic
design for any other US or Global focused RDA poster, we should still be
in time for that.