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The Google spreadsheet for the VSSIG is an excellent way to determine interest in a new group. Simply create the potential group there, announce it via Slack and at the meeting, and see how many people add their name.
On Oct 18, 2019, at 10:34 AM, Yann Le Franc wrote:
Dear Clement,
Thank you for your enthusiasm regarding the session in Helsinki and for highlighting your contribution to the IG toward making Semantics FAIR.
Actually, I will mention your work on MOD during the co-located event to integrate it into our brainstorming session on how can we make Semantics FAIR.
Regarding my approach to FAIR Semantics, it does encompass the problem of ontology metadata tackle within our group but not only. We are interested to build a set of recommendations which should cover the 15 FAIR principles.
It would be great if we could indeed collaborate together on this aspect. We do not want to reinvent the wheel but rather integrate existing initiatives in our recommendations in order to support their adoption.
I am planning to discuss about it during the VSSIG session and see how we could proceed further. Should we consider a second WG for VSSIG on FAIR Semantics? Who would be interested in joining this WG?
We should keep in touch to discuss how we could effectively collaborate together. Btw, I am now working at CINES three days a week as technical coordinator of the EOSC-Pillar project. We could have a neighbour lunch.
Looking forward to meeting you some time soon.
Have a good week end
Yann Le Franc, PhD
e-Science Data Factory
S.A.S.U. au capital social de 10 000€
CEO and founder
Chair of the EUDAT semantic workgroup
Co-chair of the RDA Vocabulary and Semantic Service Interest Group
12, rue de la Folie RΓ©gnault
75011 Paris FRANCE
Phone: +33.612.90.37.56
On Mon, 14 Oct 2019 at 11:07, Clement Jonquet wrote:
Dear Yann, all,
I am very pleased to see this session at RDA P14. As you know we are precisely investigating the issue of FAIR semantics in the Ontology Metadata task group since VSSIG rebranding in 2017.
I have presented about this at RDA P11 IGAD’s premeeting, along with Barbara’s during RDA P11 VSSIG section.
Our three main results (with B. Dutta, CC) were:
* MOD1.2, a vocabulary for ontology metadata description:
* A case study and implementation on the AgroPortal ontology repository:
* A survey and its analysis about ontology metadata:
Biswanath and I are still regularly interacting on MOD1.4 (sse branch) and we are trying to find some support to move to MOD2.0 that will be based on new DCAT.
Yann, it would be great to see your initiative on FAIR semantics joining us in this effort of making semantic resources (of course we are not interested only in ontologies) more FAIR. I am eager to see what you have in mind and to move forward on this subject. I understood FAIRsFAIR has a task on this and is willing to help, perfect!
Unfortunately, I will not be in P14 nor Biswanath or Anne. And even worst, at the same time I will be participating to the Agrisemantics session which is at the same time. So I cannot give another presentation about our work and results.
Maybe Biswanath can?
Happy to discuss this further. Please keep us in the loop.
It would be too bad to restart from scratch another branch or task group on the topic of FAIR semantics in VSSIG. Plus, we (the ontology/vocabulary repository providers: BioPortal, OLS, AgroPortal, etc.) offer definitively the perfect environments to make FAIR semantics a reality πŸ˜‰
Dr. Clement JONQUET – PhD in Informatics – Associate Professor
University of Montpellier (LIRMM)

Le 12 oct. 2019 Γ  00:35, ylefranc via Vocabulary Services IG a Γ©crit :
Dear colleagues,
This is a friendly reminder to propose short talks about the ongoing activities within the IG to be presented during the upcoming session of the IG.
If you are interested to contribute, please add your name and the title of the talk directly in the collaborative agenda by Friday October 18th. The agenda can be found here:
Thank you in advance for your participation to the session.
Looking forward to meeting you soon in Helsinki.
Kind regards,

Yann Le Franc, PhD
e-Science Data Factory
S.A.S.U. au capital social de 10 000€
CEO and founder.
Chair of the EUDAT semantic workgroup
Co-chair of the RDA Vocabulary and Semantic Service Interest Group
Phone: +33.612.90.37.56
email: ***@***.***

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