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Hello RDA Geospatial IG!
I’m writing to make sure you know you are welcome to help us form the Earth, space, and environmental sciences Community of Practice (CoP). We are very early in this process and will start writing the charter very soon. You can help us determine how the Geospatial community is represented…directly or in collaboration – or maybe something different.
We fully respect the effort in keeping an IG active and vibrant. We hope your IG has meaningful discussions about topics to discuss/tackle. We are very open to collaborating with you as we shepherd a potentially new CoP in RDA.
Best regards,
Shelley Stall
VP, Open Science Leadership
202-777-7307(O) | (240) 676-0774(M)
2000 Florida Ave. N.W. | Washington, D.C.20009
Pronouns: She/Her; ORCID: 0000-0003-2926-8353
From: Lesley Wyborn via Geospatial IG
Date: Wednesday, April 12, 2023 at 7:14 AM
To: ***@***.*** , ***@***.*** , Geospatial IG , Shelley Stall , Kristina Vrouwenvelder, Ph.D.
Cc: Peter Baumann
, Secretariat , ***@***.*** , ***@***.*** , ***@***.***
Subject: Re: [rda-geospatial-ig] RDA Geospatial IG – Update
Dear all
As a chair of the ESES-IG I would like to point out that when we established the ESES IG there was definite;u confusion of the term “Space” in the ESES IG title.
We used the Tem “Earth, Space and Environmental Science” to match their usage within both EGU and AGU.
In AGU and EGU ‘Space’ means planetary science, not geospatial and we took great pains to make sure this differentiation quite clear.
The ESES-IG has been running since RDA P10 in Montreal in 2017, and I don’t think we have ever had a presentation or discussed ‘Geospatial Data’ in the terms the Geospatial IG in any of the subsequent plenaries. The ESES-IG always tried to make it clear that Geospatial issues belonged with the Geospatial IG.
I have copied Shelley Stall and Kristina Vrouwenvelder into this reply. They are starting an Earth and Environmental Community of Practice within RDA – may be that could be a temporary home for Geospatial Data IG?
Take care
From: GeoEducator via Geospatial IG
Date: Wednesday, 12 April 2023 at 8:50 pm
To: ***@***.*** , Geospatial IG
Cc: Peter Baumann
, Secretariat , ***@***.*** , ***@***.*** , ***@***.***
Subject: Re: [rda-geospatial-ig] RDA Geospatial IG – Update
It is very hard to keep up with both groups. But I am seeing cloud and open source sweeping thru big data processing with netcdf results…
With Sedona used by NASA, great debate coming in spatial data in federated repository between ESRI GIS community and open source climate data folks …
We need a Sputnik moment in terms of our pipelines and public awareness…
We got that large seaweed bloom effort and no policy to address it.
Perhaps we all are suffering from too much data. What healthy science debates are there now, without the politics…
On Wed, Jul 21, 2021, 6:41 PM s.alvanides via Geospatial IG wrote:
Dear all,
I agree with Peter’s assessment, the Geospatial IG has not been active and we all seem to have limited time.
It also does not help that there is a “competing” IG
…in theory a good idea, but in practice confusing as we are all competing for limited attention spans and resources.
Unless there is some way to “merge” the 2 IGs, I would suggest retiring Geospatial IG
On Wed, 21 Jul 2021 at 14:42, pebau via Geospatial IG wrote:
Dear secretariat,
following several years with all sorts of attempts to activating the member body we had to accept that active member body participation is not achievable in this setup.
Hence, I suggest to retire. However, this is only my personal view, and the co-chairs may wish to continue with the group and activate it.
my 2 cents,
On 12.07.21 17:24, Secretariat wrote:
Dear Co-chairs
We are contacting you with regard to your RDA Geospatial IG, more specifically to seek clarification on the Group’s level of activity. We note that the Group has not had a working session at an RDA Plenary since Plenary 11 and we have not seen any activity on the group page for some time.
The RDA wants groups to be active during their lifespan. At this point, your group looks like it is inactive and may need to be retired. However, we would be happy to support you in re-invigorating the group if you think this makes sense.
Please respond to this email by 12th August 2021 and let us know your preference. Of course, if you have any questions, we would be happy to answer them.
Thank you very much!
Best wishes
RDA Secretariat

Dr. Peter Baumann
– Professor of Computer Science, Jacobs University Bremen
mail: ***@***.***
tel: +49-421-200-3178, fax: +49-421-200-493178
– Executive Director, rasdaman GmbH Bremen (HRB 26793), mail: ***@***.***
tel: 0800-rasdaman, fax: 0800-rasdafax, mobile: +49-173-5837882
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